Freitag, 20. Februar 2015


Lately I was nominated for the 5-Days-Artchallenge on Facebook which basically is a pretty cool thing. I started searching for postable Artwork, W.I.P.s and old stuff and.... then noticed my old problem with  Facebook. I can't even discribe what problem there is, because I don't feel that page very different from any other online Community. Except I just really dislike it from the heart and don't feel compfortable posting there. I tried but I can't! :P
Good thing is, that I went through a lot of old folders because of that nomination and can blog something (really antique)!

Remember that Zombie related stuff I posted some time ago? No? Doesn't matter! :P  However, I also did some coloured stuff for that. It is more or less W.I.P. because I never gave it a final makeover. Think I'll do this some day.



To stay Zombie-themed.....
I could never decide which color her dress should have. Red, golden, dark green, brown...hmmm.... Fortunately Manga are drawn in b/w.

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