Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Step day!

Oh ohoho.... Time for an Update? I guess so... Again I was working on pictures to feed my not yet existing Homepage. I still enjoy some relaxed Copic painting. However, I kept some Steps and did not update a thing until now:

Pssst...I love drawing brown hair with copics.

This part was killing me! ~_~
I'm a bit afraid of the moment, when I have to draw this "dress" 
in the belonging Comic. Again and again and again...

By the way, the dog picture belongs to a tiny Webcomic that you can find here:

And for those who understand german (or just want to take a look), I want to point you to another Webcomic in progress:

An englisch Version is planned aswell, but I am a bit slow... why am I even telling this... you all know it... :P