Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

I can't believe it's May already!

Lately I was searching my PC for some expedient drawings for my (not yet existing) Homepage.
I did not find any, but a lot of WIPs and sketches instead.
This fact added with the one that there has been no update since December(!), led me to another "WIPstepSketch" Update. Not sorry for that, it's all I can post! (;

This one is quiet old but since I did not blog it, I think it's ok do it now:

From Sketches to lines:

I used pencil for this and added the rest in PS.

And finally the thing I spend the most time with during the last months: Trying to get usefull results out of MangaStudio!
Except some very strange screentones it is a pretty nice program. Although I'm not at a point where I can use it efficiently, yet. I took me ages to get along with digital inking and I think there is a long way ahead of me. At least it slowly starts to be some fun.

 (I hate those deformed twin-bubbles....Note to myself: Change at least one bubble!)  -___-

From sketch different than sketch:

Oh Soap.... ;_;