Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Junkyard (2)

The following posting feels very strange, but as the belonging project is finally off the table I think it's nothing wrong with blogging some of the pages now (already a few years old btw).  My feelings about this one are the most ambivalent I've ever had about a project. It's all about being sad that all of the struggle and work was for nothing and the happiness of being reliefed of some kind of burden when I didn't need to think about it anymore.    ༽  ิ౪  ิ༼    

Let's start with some screentime of the minor characters, as I'm not sure yet if I will recycle the main characters. I already stole part of the "Lollypop-Ladies" design for a knight in "Eislicht". She was kind of my favourite Character during the first chapters, even though she is an asshole. I mean....really not a good person (which is concealed by her formidable Poncho)!

Kid just likes gardening ...

And lets not forget about the derpiness of those two guys and their love for tableware. And sorry for the crappy soundword. I hate it SO much!


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