Sonntag, 1. August 2010

New old stuff

As I mentioned already, I finally want to draw my zombie-comic (I must confess it is two projects, because I can't decide which Story/concept is "better"). However, not much happend since then. Only one thing...I changed the concept a little bit again and don't think I will need those two (unfinished) pages so I guess I can show them.

4 Kommentare:

  1. I really like your drawing. So is it going to be published in English too? Hope so. So far I've bought all GothicSports volumes in English and vol.5 in Deautch (yes, I am a fan - from Greece. We are not as bad as they make us look).

  2. wieder schöne neue sachen.gefällt.

  3. @Alkyoni: haha, of course you are not bad!!! (;
    Don't worry!
    And yes, there will be an english translation of the Comic, that's for sure!

    @Sadam & John: Dankeeee! ^^